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6" Loofah Sponge With Rope

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These all-natural loofahs are the perfect accessory  for any bath. Used for scrubbing and/or cleansing the skin during bathing or showering, making it an excellent natural exfoliating agent.


Loofah Sponge Benefits for Skin:

  • Very good for removing dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth and conditioned. Experts suggest scrubbing the skin at least 3x a week to enhance circulation and to promote the excretory function of the skin.
  • Very effective in removing calluses from the knees, ankle, palm of the hands and feet.
  • Help control body and foot odor.


Note: Loofah is a natural product, so keep in mind that the sizes will vary. This is a natural vegetable product that may contain seeds.


Care for your loofah:

Always rinse after every use making sure there is no more product residue left over. Shake all excess water out and keep it cool, dry place so that it dries out quickly.

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