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twiggedout25 2/1/17 -

This We Win Wednesday is dedicated to Sophia Sylvester owner of @brooklynflavors She specializes in making natural soy based body products and amazing soy candles. I love that these smells are named after neighborhoods in Brooklyn. 

In 2003, Sophia went from being a medical assistant to a stay at home mom. This story really resonated with me as one of my business goals is to focus on my son while growing my business. Sophia’s children suffered from dry skin. After hunting for products to help, she decided to make her own and succeeded! In 2006 Sophia took the plunge and after numerous street fairs and shows she opened her own shop on Washington Avenue, in of course Brooklyn, NY. She creates the smells on her own and right in shop!

I recently purchased from this shop and must say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Growing up in Brooklyn’s Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood, known as Bed-Stuy, there are certain smells that bring comfort to me. It was only natural to try the Bed-Stuy scented soy candle. The shipping was fast and the smell was so on point with what I knew. It reminded me of walking through my neighborhood, especially walking straight up Utica Avenue towards Eastern Parkway. The candle has sandalwood, cedar wood and patchouli that reminds me of the Jamaican men I would see with long dreadlocks wrapped in beautiful clothes. They would be selling arrays of wonderful smelling incense. One of the other ingredients is jasmine, that reminds me of the body oils I would smell passing groups of older Caribbean ladies. The smell of the Bed-Stuy candle brings me to such a comforting place.

That is…my… SMELL! I also love how once the candle has been blown out you can use the soy as a heated body wax which is amazing. It softens your skin and the smell does last!

Find your niche and remember persistence and constancy pushes to success. Support this beautiful business and treat yourself and others to #BrooklynFlavors



Gift Set

  • My husband purchased me an assorted gift box of the unscented lip balm; church avenue body mist; Clinton hill soap; Canarsie soy candle and the prospect heights soufflé and let me tell you I can't get enough of all of these items. They smell heavenly. I will be trying out all the other scents in the near future. You just gained a permanent customer. ?

Medgina B. 2/14/16



Bath Bomb

Clarisa 12/12/13

  • I tried the Park Slope bath bomb, and I was amazed at how it left my skin afterwards. so silky and smooth.   

Body Butter/Soufflé

Sheryl Lord 1/29/17

  • Just wanted to say I love Brownstone Body Butter.  I called to find out which product would be good for my "winter skin".  Which includes dry patches under my eyes and dry patch on forehead.  BBB started soothing me DAY 1 and It feels like springtime has come early.  Thanks for formulating a great product

Amy 1/27/17

  • Three years ago I received Kensington Body Souffle in a white elephant gift exchange. That began my love affair with this product that not only have a recommended to countless people (up here in Boulder the air is DRY), but that I refuse to live without. Never stop making this product please. I would love to visit your store when I'm next in NY. Signed, a fan for life!

D. Creutz 2/12/16​

  • Super quick shipping and the products are fantastic... will recommend to my customers...great packaging.

A very happy customer, C. Santiago 2/12/16

  • Hi, I normally don't email about a product but I was sooo impressed with the product's ingredients and the way it felt on my skin, that I had to commend you and your product. Additionally, the scents are to die for...all in all... I love love love. Thanks for bringing your wonderful handmade products to the market. Congratulations and good luck in the future. 

Lee Lewis 1/14/16

  • Excellent Product! My wife and I have used it on our skin and we’ve also used it on our son’s hair! The natural nature of the product makes it very versatile. The scent is amazing. I look forward to trying the candles and the oils.

Tracey Winchester, Brooklyn, NY

  • Thanks for getting back to me and adding me to the newsletter list!  Honestly, I’m so picky about scents and Church Ave has been aromatherapy for me! At the risk of sounding like a total infomercial:), the body butter made me feel better and regain confidence after a painful break-up and then helped me to win him back, true!

Body Mist

Deidre 9/3/15

  • I’m not a floral woman, I prefer the woodsy, musky and anything vanilla aromas. This warm combination of oriental scent is cool enough not to make me smell “perfumed”. You know you got it right when people walk up to you and ask “what scent are you wearing?” in a way that says they are not offended by it. I absolutely LOVE Brownstone!

Tina Kirshenbaum, Montreal, Canada

  • I got your products last year at the Dekalb Market.  I bought some gifts to take home to my little town, and oh am I glad I did cause man…I love my Bedstuy body mist…glorious stuff! I used to get to New York often back in the day as my family is in Montreal. Now it’s less often. I love the body mist and soaps;  I have tried numerous essential oils and natural body sprays, yours is by far the most delicious. I adore this product! I have never had so many people ask me, what are you wearing? You smell fantastic (heavenly, beautiful, fabulous, amazing, awesome, great…).


Nita 3/16/14

  • I purchased the Mobay Punch and Red Hook candles and they both smell amazing. They lasted a lot longer than I expected also. Worth the price!   

Jason Henderson, Brooklyn, NY

  • Just wanted to thank you for my order. I thought that bringing a kid to the park gets the ladies but these candles work even better. Plus I don’t have to keep borrowing my friends kids. I will make sure to spread the word . Thanks again.

Kris, North Haven, CT

  • I just wanted to say I received my candles and I love them.  I will be ordering more shortly, and gave your website address to friends. Thank you for the great high quality products!

Lavender Oatmeal Beauty Bar

K. Ramsey 1/27/16

  • Hi, I wanted to let you know how much the Lavender Oatmeal bar has helped the acne on my face. I came into your store some months ago and  you gave me a sample to try, it worked so well I went ahead and bought  the bar. It’s amazing and I love it! I’ve tried so many things over the years and this had kept my acne manageable. I can't wait to try the rest of the facial line!

Lip Butter

Hanneliner 1/16/16

  • Hello from Norway! I am writing to thank you on behalf of my sister and myself. I’ve brought over a supply of your lip butters for her twice in the last four months. She uses it for her lips that hurt from chemo and spending time outside in minus 17 degree Celsius on a daily basis. It can’t be beat!

Marlo G. 9/25/13

  • Love the smell and feel of this lip balm. It also makes my lips look amazing!!

Love My Locks! Hair Oil

Natalie R. 1/5/14

  • My hair absolutely loves the Love My Locks hair oil. In the winter months my hair drinks it up! I bought it as a gift for my sister who has very curly hair, but I started using just a few drops on my straight hair as a leave in conditioner and I had to buy another bottle for my sister. We have very different hair types but we both have wonderful results with the Love my Locks!    

    Shea Butter Soap

    D. Harris 7/29/15

    • I bought some of your soap and find it absolutely wonderful. I love the way it feels on my skin and the fragrances are so fresh and not overpowering. My favorites are Prospect Heights, Park Slope and Kensington.    


      PIX11 news support

      Tawa B 5/1/16

      • I heard about Brooklyn Flavors on PIX11. I just placed an order for two 4oz scented candles. I love supporting small businesses.

      Deb S., Deborah Sodano 5/1/16  

      •  Heard about you on pix 11 news. Love your story! Can't wait to try some your products.

      Terrie C. 5/1/16

      • Congratulations! And good for you not giving up. I also saw your segment on PIX 11. I look forward to finding out what Brooklyn smells like in your store this weekend. 

      Gloria Williams 5/1/16

      • I saw it on WPIX 11 as well, what a professional presentation. I will be checking out the products as well. I truly enjoy helping my people, not to mention since being diagnosed with Breast Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer, I look for natural products. We have to really take care of the skin we are in. Best Wishes on a successful business.

      BK Queen 5/1/16

      • Just heard bout this on wpix11. I will be heading there thing weekend. I cant smell the goodness from here.

      KS 5/1/16

      •  I was introduced to this product by channel 11 news and can't wait to try it!