Organic cosmetics with a long-lasting fragrance in NY

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By Ito Erihi of Beautiful Life Organizer

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Full-fledged summer is in front of you! There are many days when it gets damp due to humidity, but my room always has good flavor and smells wonderful.

The secret is that the cosmetic delivered from NY ♡ its name is "Brooklyn Flavors". A friend who is doing a makeup artist in NY recommended it and sent it to Japan.

"Brooklyn Flavors" is a cosmetic brand from Brooklyn NY. Based on the theme of "Using natural materials to produce quality handmade goods", it sticks to organic and natural materials all over the world, it is a gentle organic cosmetics with outstanding healing effect. ♪

Japan product 

▲ Body soufflé is also popular with NY models, if you can use it all over the body, face, hair etc.!

I like organic cosmetics, so I have tried a lot of items, but "Brooklyn Flavors" has astonished me; a fragrance that lasts long! My favorite item is Body Soufflé, the duration of the scent after applying on my body is very long. It will be a little perfume substitute. But because it is organic natural scent, I can spend very comfortably without being too strong.


▲ Bath fizz powder seems to have about 15 kinds of scents; all fragrance names are names of Brooklyn places.

And one more recommendation is Bath fizz Powder, a bath additive. My favorite is the fragrance of Park Slope mixed with lavender, rose, jasmine ♡ A rose petal will float on a bathtub, making it a romantic feeling ♡ And this powder is also very fragrant for a long time! Of course not to mention the bath, even just keeping it in the room, the room smells a faint rose and it is very good! Since I'm putting it on the desk of the room, I am working while wrapped in a pleasant smell ♡ Fragrance is really important. Relaxing effect is outstanding ♪



I could only look at it on the homepage (English) for a long time, not being able to buy it, but recently, it seems that they are here at some Japanese shops! It can be purchased with at the wine and vegetable cafeteria "UNION SAND YARD" in Ningyocho. (

Previously it was only overseas only but can be purchased even in Japan, so please make time to relax for a busy everyday life with organic cosmetics which fragrance lasts long.

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