Introducing Brooklyn Flavors Aromatherapy Line

We're proud to launch our own aromatherapy line that features Stress Relief, Energy and Rest in our 2 oz Body Oil, 2 oz Body Cleansing Gel, 4 oz Soy Candles and our brand new 10mL Roll On Perfume Oil. 

Stress Relief - Includes Lavender and Ylang Ylang essential oils. The blend of Lavender inspires tranquility and Ylang Ylang is both euphoric and a sedative, helping with tension.

Energy - Includes Orange and Mint essential oils. The blend of Orange is well known for its mood lifting and Mint enhances the focus of your brain and provides clarity to your thinking. It’s an all-natural energizer that awakens both your body and mind.

Rest - Includes Lavender and Patchouli essential oils. The blend of Lavender induces sleep which is used as an alternative treatment for insomnia and Patchouli is known for being soothing, grounding and peace-inducing.


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